Brilliant Earth Company Review

Brilliant Earth Company Review

Take a look in your jewelry box. Do you know where each piece comes from? Are you familiar with its story? When the film Blood Diamond hit the global stage, people learned that jewels could have awful backstories. How do you know yours doesn’t? Can you say every piece of your jewelry is responsibly sourced? That’s what Brilliant Earth aims to do – to make sure it is. Brilliant Earth is a global leader in ethical jewelry that has been around since 2005. They saw the need for conflict-free jewelry, even before the plight of jewel miners came to light.

Their mission is to make beautiful jewelry and ensure you have a clear conscience when you buy it. It comes from conflict-free areas and includes recycled precious metals. What’s more, all their beautiful pieces come in eco-friendly packaging. If you read Brilliant Earth reviews, you will learn that the products they offer are well-received. People appreciate the ethical and environmental stance that Brilliant Earth takes.

According to the website, Beth Gerstein is the founder of Brilliant Earth, and it wasn’t by accident. When she was getting married, she couldn’t find an engagement ring to reflect her values. She partnered with Eric Grossberg, who was passionate about jewelry, and Brilliant Earth was born. Now, consumers can enjoy unique jewelry designs from award-winning designers in San Francisco. The market-leading company stocks a full range of jewelry – all with responsible sourcing and a squeaky clean conscience.


The icing on the cake in Brilliant Earth reviews is that five percent of net profits go to mining communities. You may find that the cost of some jewelry can be higher than from a traditional jeweler, but can you put a price on your conscience? If you are scanning the internet for an engagement ring, necklace, or something else, stop for a moment. If a clear conscience matters as much to you as the style, then you may see the value in shopping with Brilliant Earth.

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