Top 10 Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry Stores in USA

Top 10 Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry Stores in USA

Where to purchase conflict-free diamonds in USA? Here are top 10 diamond jewelry stores in USA to keep in mind!

When it comes to buying a diamond engagement ring for your future fiance or diamond earrings to surprise your girlfriend, there are both environmental concerns and human rights to be considered.

For all of you who want to be socially conscious, we would like to present you the most popular conflict-free diamond jewelry stores in USA:

    1. Brilliant Earth – This is one of the leading fine jewelry sources for diamonds. Each of the materials they use, go beyond just conflict-free. Their diamonds come fee of any human rights abuses and they contribute to local community development in Russia, Canada, and Botswana.
    2. Diamond Foundry – They have created the exact same conditions in which natural diamonds grow. Their stones are unique and without the environmental and social impact.
    3. Blue Nile – This is a very popular fine jewelry store where you can purchase diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and conflict-free diamonds. They have made the process of ring shopping as easy as possible.
    4. AUrate New York – They go beyond the Kimberley Process and actively track every diamond from mine to their store to make store they come from ethical and environmentally sound sources.
    5. Bario Neal – By using special and environmentally practices, this store created unique diamond rings. With a wide range of prices, they have a ring for every budget.
    6. Do Amore – This store works with conflict-free diamonds, lab-created sapphires, recycled diamonds and their settings are made entirely from recycled metals.
    7. Catbird – Everything you see in this store is handmade. All of their stones are conflict free and their rings are designed by Jennie Kwon, Erstwhile, and Kataoka.
    8. Trumpet & horn – They strongly believe that vintage diamonds are treasures which should be passed through generations. Their diamonds are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
    9. MiaDonna – They believe that beautiful and sparkly diamonds shouldn’t come at a human cost which is why all of their diamonds are grown in a lab. 5% of their profit goes to educational programs, agricultural farms, and urgent relief programs in diamond mining areas to help improve economic opportunities.
    10. Taylor & Hart – They sell conflict-free diamonds only and they think that by purchasing such diamond you are making a step towards a better world. Visit their official store and take a look at the amazing collection of diamonds they offer.

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